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The Creep John T. Foster

The Creep

John T. Foster

Kindle Edition
295 pages
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 About the Book 

Anybody who knows me will be able to tell you that when I read, I read. When I’ve picked up a book I go in to a whole new world, I’m a fly on the wall and it’s very difficult to separate me from my books.I actually had to force myself to read this book! I found myself making excuses as to why I didn’t need to be reading it, during the course of this book I became the Queen of Procrastination. It’s absolutely terrible.It’s horribly written, the characters are irritating beyond belief, the events are unrealistic and for the love of god, if you’re going to write about serial killers at least learn the basics of DNA!If you have sex with someone your DNA will be all over them like a second skin, close intimate contact leaves bits of your DNA that you would not even consider on the other person. If you then killed the person, the police would have all kinds of evidence against you. Yet DNA is never ever mentioned, and that’s without even mentioning finger prints! The guy never seems to wear gloves either.Beginning your book by slagging off a whole host of Serial Killers is not a good start if you’re not even willing to consider forensic evidence. I’m not asking you to learn Forensic Science, but put a tiny bit of effort in!My next issue with this book is that if you’re going to write about an area, at least look at pictures of the area! There is no way you could race around the roads of London, there are congestion fees for a reason there! There is even less chance that you would be able to drive an American car onto the pavement, swerve around a lamp post and get back on to the road. If you came that close to a lamp post in London, it would be half way through your bonnet before you managed to drive around it.The main character in this book says “Boogaloo” constantly, it is mentioned during the book that this guy is creepy because he has “death eyes” and says “Boogaloo”. Let me tell you right now, that is not creepy, that is just irritating, so irritating in fact that the author would have been better off writing a book designed to encourage the savage beating of anybody who says “Boogaloo” because that is how I felt by the time I got to the end of this book!On top of all of this the typos littering the text really brought me out of the story. Errors are never acceptable in your work but they are forgiveable in a really good story because they’re less noticeable. In a book like this where you can pull it apart within the first four pages, it is unforgivable.I’m not going to go in to much more detail because this review would be ridiculously long! However, what I will say is that the ending is extremely disappointing. For the effort it took to read the whole book (where many have failed – I might add) the end just got an eye roll. I won’t tell you the ending publically but I will tell you that the end was even more disappointing than getting to 60% and seeing the words “Book Two”