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Entrusted2 Ava OShay


Ava OShay

Published May 10th 2014
ISBN : 9781499522761
328 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

How Far would you go to protect the people you love? Seventeen-year old Emma wants what every teenage girl wants: good friends, good grades, and a good looking boyfriend who only has eyes for her. Little does she know that in order to get one, she must sacrifice the other two. When Luke, Emmas apparently devoted boyfriend, sets in motion a series of events, Emma is kicked out of her group home and loses her best friend. And thats just the beginning. Luke is invading her dreams and Emma has to fight to escape his control. Sure, she has the assistance of Solomon, a mysterious Native American warrior, but will her feelings for him ruin everything, just like her attraction to Luke did? The connection between them is stronger than anything Emma has ever experienced before, but now she must decide: can she trust him with her heart? And just how far will she go to protect it?